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Looking For a Bed & Breakfast?

The Sara Rose - Queen Bed

2018 Has Come To A Close. 

We will See You Again, God Willing,

In April of 2019. Thank You To All

Who Stayed With Us This Year.

Have A Merry Christmas & A

Safe and Sane New Year!

Our Wedding Facility


Valentine's Day in 2019

 is on a Thursday. February 14th. 

If you are looking to Elope, 

we have a 1:00 pm available.

If you want Valentine's Day 

to be your anniversary date. 

Then Book with us today

Valentines Day

This will expire February 1st.

Check Out Our Facility



   Looking For A Christian Minister? 

Reverend Denise Kay is 

available for offsite weddings, 

beginning in April of 2019.  

Reverend Denise is a bonded 

and certified as a Notary. 

She will travel with in a 

50 mile radius of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

Learn More About Reverend Denise Here 

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Handmade Keepsake Bouquets


Why A Keepsake Bouquet

Why dry your bouquet out and press it into some dusty old book?

You place your gown in a

Keepsake Box? 

So Why Not Your Bouquet?

Choose from our varied Handmade Wedding Bouquets. Each is unique. No Two alike.