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The state of Arkansas is now open to both in and out of state travelers. A Garden of Dreams will be open to bookings on May 15th. Please read our Clenaing and Check in Protocols before booking. 


Our Wedding Facility

Congratulations Lewis & Robin, 

Eureka Springs is reacting to this virus. If you are thinking about traveling here to get married, you must now add some time to your wedding day in order to get married here:


(starting 3/18/20, licenses are being processed 'by appointment only'):

(1) Wedding couple must call the Eureka Springs Courthouse (at 479-253-8646) to schedule an appointment (date and time) for the wedding couple to apply for and secure a marriage license.

(2) Upon arriving at the Eureka Springs Courthouse (44 South Main - the 'drop off' window'), the wedding couple will call the Courthouse (479-253-8646) to let their staff know that the wedding couple is there.

(3) At the 'drop off' window, the wedding couple will provide the appropriate information required to obtain a marriage license.

(4) The wedding couple will wait until the Courthouse staff prepares the licensing information; and then the Courthouse staff will hand over the licensing paperwork, to the wedding couple, through the 'drop off' window'.

We hope to reopen on May 15th. 

Be safe out there!

Reverend Denise Kay Gallia

Reverend Denise Kay

   Looking For A Christian Minister? 

Reverend Denise Kay is 

available for offsite weddings. 


Reverend Denise is a bonded 

and certified as a Notary. 

She will travel with in a 

50 mile radius of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

Will Start Officiating Again On April 15, 2020.  I can set up the altar area with the 6 ft separation outdoors and indoors depending on the size of your facility. I will not wear a mask during the ceremony. 

Notary Services

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